About GPYC

Gull Point Yacht Club is located at Two Doane Street  

The club is located on the shores of Rock Island Cove; an 100 acre tidal area between Germantown and Houghs Neck. Facilities include a dock with seasonal floats, mooring area, launching ramp, bathing beach, parade ground, horseshoe pit, parking,  sheds and  shelter.

Our grounds and facilities are open to all club members and guests.

Gull Point Yacht Club is a member of Massachusetts Bay Yacht Club Association

The club extends an open invitation to other yacht club members by land or sea when Gull Point Yacht Club members are at the club to greet them.

Incorporated in 1940.

Membership is about 100 family and single members

Membership is restricted to the residents and former residents of the development formerly known as Quincy Shores located in Germantown. Specifically Residents on Howe St, Shedd St, Hodgkinson St, Sargent St and the Private Homes on Doane St.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at the Club Shelter at 2 Doane St from April to November.  If it is cold or the weather is inclement meetings are held at an alternate location decided on by club officers.

Club Officers

Commodore:          Mark McGahan

Vice Commodore:   Kathy McGahan

Secretary:               Stephanie Berlo

Treasurer:              Bobby Kennedy

Fleet Captains:        Tim Ross & Steve Samsel


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