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  1. Mary Mitchell Millstein

    Hello Gull Point Yacht Club, My name is Mary Mitchell Millstein and I’m the granddaughter of Bill and Cecilia Rodgers who lived at 48 Howe Street. Today, i was surfing the web and googled the yacht club. Oh was I surprised to find it!! I have such wonderful childhood memories of the events at the beach, 4th of July, on the sand and under the “shelter” with all the moms !! I visit those memories quite often, now that both my grandmother and mom have passed away . The memories are a keepsake forever . It was especially nice to see familiar names from my childhood on the board. I hope to travel up to the area sometime this summer to reflect on those care free days at gull point. I hope you are all doing well.

    • Hi Mary,

      Sorry about the delay in reply.

      I’m Robb Ross I lived across corner form Bill and Cecilia Rodgers. I live in the Garrity house now. I learned my knots from your grandfather. I remember when the Mitichell’s would come for a visit fron Conn. I’m Billy’s age.

      The Ross’ and Kennedy’s children are all mostly fine. I have had some updates about the Mitchell’s from your cousin Tom Kelly he is a good friend.

      Hope you are well. The club and beach are doing fine.

      Regards, Robb Ross

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